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Chamber  members  often  tell  us  that  the  reason  they  joined  the  chamber  is  to  help  them achieve  their  business  growth  goals.    Whether  you  are  a business  looking  for  sales opportunities or a charity looking for support, speed networking is an effective way to  identify a number of potential contacts in one evening.

Speed networking is for everyone!  The only criteria for being good at speed networking are:

-     A passion for your business.

-     The ability to listen for 1 minute at a time. To maximise the benefits of your evening you could:

-     Prepare and learn your ‘elevator pitch’, describing your business, product offering orrequirements in under 1 minute.Focus on ‘what’s in it for them’ and say something memorable!

-     Practice your listening skills.  Be open minded and read body language to really hear what the other person is saying.

-     Think strategically.  Look for potential opportunities that may be for the longer term or even an extension to your current business activities. -     Take  plenty  of  business  cards,  paper  and  pen.    For  speed,  annotate  the  other person’s business card at the time with a quick comment about next steps (e.g. email info, call to discuss, meet or hold.)  Add date and event to each card afterwards.

The Holiday Inn Express is our venue for the event.  With complimentary wine and canapes provided by our hosts the evening promises to be both enjoyable and fruitful.

Book your place now for just £5.00.  Non-members welcome.  

For  the  smooth  running  of  the  event,  we  would  be  grateful  if  you  could  let  us  know  in advance if you need to cancel.

We look forward to seeing you there. To book your place please do so via the Register button: register

Ticket Price: £5.00

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