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09:30 – 14:00 at Renishaw’s New Mills HQ in Wotton-under-Edge.On behalf of the Business School at the University of Gloucestershire, and Stewart (Barnes), I would like to invite you to the county’s first productivity summit.

It is on Thursday 17th May, from 09:30 – 14:00 at Renishaw’s New Mills HQ in Wotton-under-Edge.
Productivity, and in particular how to improve productivity, is a subject that affects all organisations’ business performance across all industry sectors, including services.
We, the public and business leaders, are often told how UK public and private sector productivity lags that of its foreign counterparts, but what do we need to do to improve it?
When looking at the National Statistics, we might ask:
•       What do they actually mean and are they important?
•       How does our own productivity relate to the national picture shown by government statistics?
•       How should we measure the productivity of our own business in terms of how well we are using the various resources at our disposal, including the labour force, plant and equipment and physical space?
•       Will improved productivity lead to improved profitability and growth?
•       What makes some businesses better at improving productivity than others?
•       What actions do we need to take to improve the productivity of our business?
The aim of this Productivity Summit is to consider the above questions in the Gloucestershire context and make progress towards providing solutions.
The final session will be a facilitated review of the summit and the development of a plan for improving productivity in the region and the potential for any similar, follow-up events in the future.
You will see on the attached invite that Stewart is a speaker; he is also a member of the panel, along with John Workman, Senior Partner of BPE Solicitors.

We would welcome your support at this event and are very interested in hearing your views on productivity and how to improve it across the county.


Rachael Ramos
Tel: 01242 386 881