Cyber Security: Do You Know the Risks? Are You Protected?

As we draw closer to a new decade, it becomes more apparent that Cyber risks affect everyone. From the largest corporations, to the smallest of businesses. Even our personal lives are affected by Cyber threats. How many of us have fallen foul to the latest scam email?

The subject is now even closer to home following the announcement of the Cyber Park to be constructed adjacent to GCHQ. Ratcliffes are proud to be working with forward thinking Cyber Consultants and fellow Chamber members, Red Maple Technologies ( Here is what their founder and CEO Steve Mason had to say:

‘The first step for a business of any size in understanding their cyber risk is to first acknowledge that cyber is indeed an existential business risk. Once there, the best next step is to build an understanding of the existing level of cyber security maturity in the business.

Many organisations think cyber security is just a “technical thing”, but the reality is that cyber security is best evaluated in a cross-disciplinary manner, including people and culture, leadership and governance, technology, data and information management, and policies and procedures.

Once you have a handle on where the organisation’s cyber security maturity is, the leadership team can then make a decision if the existing system is fit for purpose (or not!).

It’s important to note that eventually, no matter how mature your security, the likelihood is that every business will get hacked, so we advise organisational leadership teams to practice what happens when that does happen to minimise the impact of the incident.

And it’s always best to make sure that the organisation has a relevant and reliable insurance policy in place to help if/when a cyber incident does happen.

It’s okay not to be an expert on this; there are organisations who can help.’

For further information contact Darren Jeffries on 01242 544 548 or

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M R Ratcliffe Consultants Ltd

Darren Jeffries, Business Development Manager

M R Ratcliffe Consultants Ltd

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