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Corporate Wellbeing

Balance Retreat Employee Wellbeing

Balance Retreat can help you formulate a stand-out wellbeing session, event or deliver a wellbeing programme.

We offer wellbeing talks, workshops and engaging workplace sessions covering topics from resilience building, stress management, mindfulness and menopause management to mental wellbeing. Our signature “Pop-Up Boardroom Wellbeing Retreat” is one of our most popular corporate services - an immersive experience aimed to tackle stress and re-energise,  available as 1 hr, full or half days.

If you have a planned wellbeing week and are looking for ideas on where to start, we can help. From ideas generation, promotion through to the implementation – a full support service to help you get wellbeing on the corporate agenda.

All our wellbeing solutions are designed to offer long term and sustainable benefits to participants – benefits that go way beyond the day or week.  We can take the stress out of creating a stress management programme!


  • Services

    Employee Wellbeing Programme consultancy and delivery.
    Wellbeing Day/ Event production and promotion.

    Wellbeing Toolkit Talks : Stress Management | Resilience| Mental Wellbeing| Sleep & Revival| Mindfulness Matters| Managing Menopause
    Pop Up Boardroom Wellbeing Retreats
    On-Site Massage Services

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