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Expertise on Tap Email & Video Marketing

Expertise on Tap Email & Video Marketing

Providing email marketing, video production and video editing services to businesses in Gloucestershire and beyond.

Video production provider to Cheltenham Chamber.

1. Email marketing

Whether you want a regular e-newsletter or occasional email promotions, I can help. I send over 5 million emails every year for clients in lots of different sectors.

It's very easy to get email marketing wrong. I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters and many of them make fundamental mistakes. Think about the negative impact on your brand and your credibility. I'll help you avoid this.

Why outsource your email marketing to me?

Because you don't have the time, inclination or expertise to do it yourself. And because you'd rather spend your time doing what you do best. Running and developing your own business.   Read more >>

2. Video production

I make it easy to put video on your website. It's easy to get it wrong. Putting a poorly produced amateur-looking video on your professional website is counter productive.

I offer video production for SMEs. If you want a 5-man film crew and a £5,000 bill I'll refer you elsewhere! Simply, affordable, professionally produced videos. Read more >>

3. Video editing

Maybe you have your own editing software, but you’re too busy to do it yourself. Or maybe you don’t know how to edit, and simply want to outsource it. Read more >>

Some projects I've worked on recently

A client had some amateur footage from an industry awards ceremony. He knew there was some decent footage in there, and needed me to transform the video into something watchable which he could use on his website.

A bridegroom wanted to surprise his bride on their wedding day with a montage of family photos and videos. He provided me with a number of home video clips, family photographs and details of some favourite songs. I was able to produce a poignant and memorable video which the client was over the moon with.


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