Profit from Purpose. Coffee and Insight with CSR Expert Claire Thayers

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Date of event: Thursday 27th May

Start time: 11:30

Post Covid, more and more people will choose brands and companies that behave responsibly and ethically. So, how do we take advantage of this?

We might think CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is simply a ‘trendy’ term and not relevant to sole traders, SME’s and of little or no relevance to our business… but is that so?

What does Triple Bottom Line really mean?  Why should we focus on planet and people and how will that equate to profit?

The number one post Covid consumer trend* is people making more informed choices based on a business’ approach to ethics and sustainability. It’s become so easy for them to research this, to read reviews, to check out social media and post feedback. Which is great if it’s all positive ……but bad news always travels faster.

  • How can your business embrace social responsibility and embed it into your culture?
  • How can this help you keep customers loyal, gain you new ones and minimise risk?
  • How can it help you tackle everyday challenges and actually save, rather than cost you money?

On Thursday 27th May at 11.30 am at our next Coffee and Insight Seminar, CSR Expert, Claire Thayers will explain how this could work for your business and give her top tips to get you going.

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About Claire

Claire is a CSR consultant, marketing expert and ambassador for Happerley, an organisation and movement which enables people to make informed choices by understanding exactly where their food and drink comes from – at every stage of the supply chain.

Her background encompasses peer-to-peer lending to support the local rural economy and tutoring at the Cornwall School of Social Entrepreneurs. She previously worked with the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and Community Foundation.

She has vast experience in helping businesses define and embed social responsibility in their values and communicating this to employees and customers alike.

She is an executive board member of the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce

(*Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021 Euromonitor International)


27th May 2021
11:30 am - 12:15 pm
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