Date of event: Wednesday 20th October

Start time: 08:00

Helping your business to thrive in a post pandemic world.

We’re excited to announce a series of three events designed to help your business thrive in a post pandemic world. We’ll be joined by guest speakers who will share their advice, and we’ll be adding the insight we’ve gained from building a purpose-led business in a pandemic.

You’ll have the opportunity to listen to ideas from our expert panel and hear what challenges they’re facing. You’ll get the motivation you need to start some of the potentially challenging conversations you might not have got round to yet.

The events will be hosted by BoxTree and facilitated by Elaine Warwicker from Canny Conversations. We will take you through your own individual ‘diagnostic’ and you will leave with a personalised blueprint to help you plan the best course of action for your business.

On Wednesday 20th October,  it is all about your People – we’ll be discussing how you really know what your people want and need right now.  How often do you really listen to what’s going on with your colleagues? Have you dealt with those tensions and issues from the last 18 months? And what have you done to bring the team back together again – physically, emotionally and socially?  Our panel will be sharing how they listen to their colleagues, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

What’s the format?

The event will only be two hours long, so we won’t be able to solve all your problems in that time. But we will aim to address some of the common areas we think you need to be considering (if you haven’t already) and why we think they’re important to talk about.

We’ll start with a delicious breakfast, and an opportunity to chat to other attendees, and then each session will take you through a short diagnostic to help you determine where your organisation is on that topic right now, and what you might need to work on.

But, don’t worry, you won’t be asked to share all of your detail with the room – that’s what our panel is for. They will be doing the diagnostic for their organisations at the same time as you are, and they’ll be sharing their scores and their examples of good and bad practice for you to learn from.

After an opportunity for questions and discussion, you’ll leave with your own personal diagnostic showing the areas your organisation is doing well on, the areas you know are OK for now and an idea of the topics you’ll want to raise with your colleagues when you get back.

And, we’re very conscious that people are only just starting to venture back to in-person events, so we’ve put lots of things in place to ensure that everyone feels safe:

  • We’re capping the numbers at 25 to ensure that people can be nicely spaced out
  • We’ll keep as many doors and windows open as we can
  • We’ll be encouraging the use of facemasks until everyone is seated
  • There will be plenty of hand sanitiser available
  • And, we’ll be encouraging you to stay at home if you feel at all under-the-weather on the morning of the event.

Who’s it for?

These events won’t be for everyone!

Your organisation might not be facing these issues, you may already be doing a great job at addressing them – or, you might be focused on other things right now.

But, if you are concerned that your organisation is still just reacting to the circumstances around it, if you haven’t consciously reviewed some of the decisions you made during the pandemic for the long-term or, if you’d like to hear what challenges others are facing – then it will be just right for you.

In particular, these events would be perfect for business owners, senior leaders or those responsible for business planning, people or premises in their organisations.

And, although it’s a series of events, each one stands alone, so you can come to just the one that’s most relevant to you – or, come along to them all!



20 October
8:00 am - 10:00 am

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