Employer Supported Policing Scheme (ESP)

Many employers will have heard about or take part in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, allowing their staff who are military reservists paid time-off to fulfil those duties. So why not do the same for police reserves?

Special Constables are fully warranted police officers, wearing the same uniform, have the same powers and are bound by the same codes of ethics as regular police officers. The only difference? Special Constables do all this in their spare time.

The Employer Supported Policing (ESP) Scheme is a partnership benefiting employers, their staff and the Police Service by allowing paid time-off to release Special Constables to volunteer in the communities where they live or work. The scheme is completely bespoke in order to suit a business’s individual requirements and, importantly, there is no contractual obligation on businesses who register.

There are many benefits for employers. For instance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high on the agenda for many organisations as ESP is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your company’s reputation around community engagement. Additionally, Special Constables are widely regarded by employers as being more committed, dependable, confident and responsible in the workforce. Police training also gives them many new skills in areas such as first aid, crisis management, leadership and effective communication which they can then bring back to the workplace.

Should any Chamber of Commerce members wish to find out more about developing a ESP partnership to benefit their company and our local communities please email me Linda.O’Brien@gloucestershire.police.uk

Linda O’Brien, Employer Supported Policing (ESP) Coordinator

Citizens in Policing Department, Gloucestershire Constabulary


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