Independent Family Business Awarded Cheltenham's #1 Escape Room Experience

We are Escape Entertainment Escape Rooms, one of Cheltenham’s newest and most exciting entertainment venues. We specialise in Escape Rooms, a truly unique entertainment experience for all. The first Escape Room in the UK was created in 2012, and since then, the industry has boomed as friends, families, and businesses have all enjoyed the vastly creative stories and puzzles that have been bought to the Escape Room sector.

Escape Entertainment’s first challenge was being set up just before the COVID-19 lockdown, but this gave us the time to design, develop and build our first two rooms, and as a small family business, time is a luxury resource.

Since Escape Entertainment began operating, we have seen over 1,800 customers come and enjoy our experiences. We love what we do, but as a small business, it can be difficult for us to reach new customers. We have focussed on building our online reputation through review websites, primarily TripAdvisor. This has not only provided us with some wonderful feedback to motivate ourselves, but it has also boosted our presence in the local area. Escape Entertainment is (at the time of this article being written) rated the Number 1 Escape Room Experience in Cheltenham AND #2 of 25 Fun & Games in Cheltenham in just under a year!

We are proud to share this achievement with everyone in the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, and we’d also like to show you one of our favourite reviews so far, which was posted on the Escape Entertainment TripAdvisor page on the 24th of July 2022.

Best escape rooms I’ve ever done

I’ve done two rooms here in about 3 weeks. Both were fantastic.

Firstly, the puzzles themselves. The puzzles are interesting and actually make you think, rather than just looking for a number for a padlock all the time. Every element of the rooms is carefully thought out – the flow of the game, the variation of puzzles, etc.

The difficulty of the rooms was perfect. They have a room ideal for beginners (Castle Heir), with plenty of clues (if you need them) which is a great introduction to escape rooms. If you’re an experienced escapee, the Mission Intercept room is a brilliant challenge – it really makes you think outside the box.

That alone would’ve been good enough, but our host (Chris) really pushed the experience to another level. We were warmly welcomed and he immediately made the experience comfortable. I won’t spoil the rooms, but after we completed Mission Intercept, he talked us through some of the WW2 history (on which the room is themed). It was so interesting and Chris was such a good storyteller that I could have listened to him talk for hours. He was so passionate about the history and about the rooms, puzzles, Easter eggs, and secrets he’d hidden away. After chatting to him afterwards, I can’t wait to do the upcoming room when it’s completed.

To top it off, the rooms are cheaper than anywhere else on the market. You pay less for a much better experience – it’s a no-brainer.

If you’re looking for something to do in the area, do yourself a favour and visit Escape Entertainment Cheltenham.”

Who would have thought that customers would be so important to a small business ‘ey?

You can read more reviews here or find out more on our website –

Please keep a look out for a discount code for members’ use which will be coming soon.

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Escape Entertainment Escape Rooms

Oliver Clarke, Owner

Escape Entertainment Escape Rooms

We are Escape Entertainment, one of Cheltenham's most exciting and immersive Escape Rooms, developed by a former GCHQ Intellegence Officer. Set up in March 2020 we are a small independent family business who are looking to take over the local Escape Room industry.We aim to provide you with the best immersive escape room experiences capable, using the most innovative technology available. We design, develop and build our escape rooms in-house so that your experience is truly one of a kind. Everything we do we create…

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