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Neil Martin has joined ActionCOACH Cheltenham as a business coach.

Neil is a multi-award-winning speaker, storyteller, content creator and performance coach. With over 25 years business experience, his personal approach has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders increase their profile, productivity and profits.

Neil’s drive comes from a passion to support others.

With the recession of the 1980s as the backdrop to changes in his dad’s successful business, Neil watched his father become overburdened with problems when his clients were unable to pay their debts. Neil’s father was torn away from his family to rescue his failing business, which eventually cost him both his livelihood and his marriage. Neil lost his family home and strongly believes the stress of a failing business was a key factor in his dad passing away aged just 50 years old.

Similar to his father, Neil became a successful businessman. Neil graduated and became the head of an international sales team with staff in multiple countries and a substantial income to support a glamorous-looking lifestyle. He became renowned for delivering energetic presentations about business growth to large audiences, as well as spotting opportunities for individual businesses to thrive. But alarm bells started ringing when Neil realised, like his dad, he was spending less and less time with family. He knew there had to be a better way. A better balance.

He re-educated himself and then transformed himself both mentally and physically.

He became an ultra-endurance athlete and dedicated time to helping others take control of their own health. He then started to apply the same approach to business coaching.

Neil has delivered training and coaching to thousands of business owners in both group and one to one settings; helping them learn and implement strategies to revolutionise their approach to both life and business. Neil has worked in (and with) organisations of all sizes, from large corporates to start-ups and has worked with clients in a broad range of industries. He is also a member of the prestigious 2 Comma Club (for generating over $1 million dollars with a single online sales funnel).

ActionCOACH Cheltenham

He is excited to be working with businesses in Cheltenham, the town he has called home for the last 20 years.

Neil says “ActionCOACH’s focus on business re-education is one that is close to my heart. I truly believe that with better education about business my dad’s experience and the impact it had on our family could have been very different. It amazes me that this stuff is never taught in school. We are taught how to be good at a job, but schools don’t teach us the skills we need to run a business”.

I care so much because for me, it’s personal”

Neil’s backstory makes him passionate about empowering others and enabling them to operate at their full potential. He says “I care so much because for me, it’s personal. It’s about people like my dad and families like mine. It’s about creating positive ripples, for business owners and their families, for their clients and suppliers, for the larger communities”.

Neil believes every business creates a legacy. The question is, will yours be an example or a warning?

If you’d like to chat to Neil about YOUR business, get in touch today!




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