Support grants - act before the deadlines

This is a brief summary of grants potentially available for the hospitality sector due to the effects of Covid. Thanks to Lindsey Holland of the Independent TURF Collective.
Before Christmas the Government released information about a grant that they will be issuing to support hospitality businesses in light of the drastically reduced December footfall. Just in case you need a summary of all the things you could be applying for/should be receiving at the moment we’ve done the following bullet points to help you understand:
  • Local Grant – CBC monies that can/are being distributed to hospitality businesses locally, click here to complete the application.                                            NOTE: Deadline is 7th January.
  • National Grant – available via local councils in January, up to £6k depending on the size of the business. The deadline is 28th Feb. Keep an eye on the CBC website for more details about application.
  • CBC will also have a pot being allocated to them alongside the National Grants which they can distribute how they see fit, so keep your eye out for this too as there could be more Local Grants to apply for or activities to take part in. 
In addition, there are ongoing Government support initiatives that you should also be seeing automatically applied to your business:
  • Business Rate Relief – depending on the size of your business you should be seeing up to at least 50% deducted from your payable rates. 
  • VAT – you should only be charging 12.5% on applicable sales.


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