Water and its power to aid our wellbeing

We all know that water is important to our very existence. Whether that is the water needed for our plants to grow or the water needed for our bodies to function, even down to a cellular level. But we often take for granted the impact that water can have on our overall wellbeing and there are many links between water and wellbeing that can be explored.

Many ancient civilisations used water as a way to cleanse the body and as a part of spiritual rituals and festivals. Ancient Egyptian Priestesses for example would be initiated into their profession through a series of activities that would involve water and essential oils. Each stage that they passed through would seem them move further towards the ability to be recognised as a Priestess of the highest order.

Of course many religions today still use water and a way to cleanse the body. In Christianity, it is used to baptise people into the faith and in Islam, it is used to cleanse the body before prayer.

Water and Wellbeing

Some of the ways that water can influence our wellbeing can include:


Being dehydrated have a negative impact on our physical bodies and on our mental health. It has an impact on the way that the brain functions and can impair our thinking and concentration as well as produce symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. Some ways you can ensure that you are drinking enough water each day include:

  • Having a bottle of water with you throughout the day
  • Adding some fruit to your water if you find the taste too bland
  • Track how much water you are consuming using an app or simple paper tracker

Emotional Connection

Water can also have an impact on our emotions. Many of us have fond memories of playing on the beach or running away from the waves as they crash towards our feet. It is these feelings that can help with our wellbeing. By focusing on a happy period of our lives or blissful memory that incorporated water, we can use this to help us during periods of stress.

There are many meditations that use the sounds or visualisation of water as we have an innate connection to water and it can help to take us to high relaxed states. We can also use it in literal form by taking a bath or visiting a floatation centre where you can enjoy the sensation of weightlessness in the water.

Significant amounts of research have been undertaken into the power of water and ‘Blue Mind Science’ is one such study. Wallace J Nichols, the man behind the research, has noted that by simply having pictures and imagery of water around us, we can alter our mental states to ones of tranquillity and in some cases bliss.

You can find out more by reading our 4 Simple Links Between Water and Wellbeing.

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