Our Heritage, Mission and Value Proposition

For over a century, the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of the town’s business community.

A legacy of excellence since 1902 – the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce boasts over a century of servicing the business community in Gloucestershire.  We’ve grown and adapted to meet the enduring needs of our diverse Gloucestershire based members.

If you are a Gloucestershire based business, joining the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce is an investment into your business’s future.  Become a part of Cheltenham’s thriving business ecosystem and experience the value of our benefits firsthand.



About Us:

Members join primarily for business networking events and seminars, which offer a great opportunity to meet other local business people, but the Chamber does so much more than that.  The Chamber provides support, advice and training to help you grow your business.

The other key area that the Chamber of Commerce is involved in is policy development. Through its regional network of groups, the Chamber is able to identify local business issues and feed these into the local agenda, helping to ensure that business policy at local level takes into account the issues that really matter to businesses like yours.

We’re really fortunate in Cheltenham to have a broad range of businesses and this is reflected in the membership. Our Chamber members include representatives from property and construction, marketing and public relations, telecoms and communications, professional services, recruitment, not-for-profit organisations and business consultancy.

Our Mission:

“We aim to be the leading business organisation in Gloucestershire that helps members achieve their objectives and makes Cheltenham the best place to live and work in the Southwest”.

Our Core Values:

  • Collaboration

At the heart of our Chamber is the spirit of collaboration. We believe that together, businesses can achieve much more than they can alone.

  • Accessible

Every business or organisation, regardless of size or industry, deserves a seat at the table.  Our Chamber ensures every member feels heard and supported.

  • Influential

With a rich history, the Chamber is a powerful voice for businesses in Cheltenham and the wider Gloucestershire area.  We work on a number of separate projects to support the future of Gloucestershire based businesses.

  • Professionalism

We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, offering top-quality services and continuous support to our members.

cheltenham chamber of commerce executive members

We’re more than a Chamber; we’re a business community.  With a burning passion for fostering business growth and development, the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce provides a supportive environment, especially during challenging economic times.

Paying to join a business membership organisation is a great investment when you’re starting out in business or running a business in tough economic times; but running a business can be a lonely process and membership organisations, like the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, can provide the support needed to help your business to thrive.

Promoting your business

A listing in our website directory helps people find you and may help your Google ranking. If you have news or events, these can be posted too. We usually feature these in our monthly newsletter and social media reaching several thousand local businesses.

New members get a newsletter profile and we often create short videos featuring members and their views.

We are a vibrant network

Word-of-mouth is still the single most important source of business and reputation locally. Through our events and social media, you can connect with other members who may become business leads, potential partners or just someone to share experience with.

Members can enjoy privileged access and reduced fees to our main live events.

We give you the inside track

Our news keeps members up to speed on key local issues and our events often feature the people at the heart of these.

The Golden Valley Development and Cyber Park, Cheltenham Zero (carbon), Cheltenham General Hospital, transport infrastructure, workplace wellbeing and developing a skilled workforce are among the topics covered recently.

We help you develop your business

Our seminars are like mini training courses, designed to help businesses grow or become more efficient. Topics have ranged from effective use of social media and digital marketing to employment law and cyber security.

The Chamber and our members often publish useful articles and guidance to help your business navigate the future.

Being a member supports your brand

Research shows that membership of a Chamber of Commerce can enhance your business’ reputation. It also shows your commitment to the town’s business economy and community. Members can download a membership badge fo their website or email signature.

You can access specialist support and resources

Members can have up to 60 minutes free specialist legal or tax advice from major local firms.

You can book a working space for free or a meeting room at significantly reduced rates in our town centre office.

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