Corporate and Social Responsibility - What You Can Do

We believe every business has a duty to positively impact the community in which it operates. From supporting local causes and joining conversations that shape the local landscape to leading industrial environmental action and supporting the next generation into the workplace.

Below is a simple three step process that every company can reference to be become a positive influence on the communities it touches.


STEP ONE – Internal Review

  • What are you as a business currently doing with regards to community involvement and environmental best practice?
  • Ask your staff, what they are currently doing?
  • What would they like to do
  • Do they know what your mission statement is, your ethics and values of the business?
  • Discuss with your managers and staff what challenges they are currently facing, and consider how embedding good social responsibility can help:
    • Staff morale
    • Retaining staff
    • Recruitment
    • Creating a strong USP vs competition
    • Content for social media and PR
    • Building relationships with stakeholders and developing trust and long term partnerships
    • Creating an emotional connection to your brand
    • Risk management
    • Winning tenders from Public Sector

STEP TWO – External Review

  • What do external contacts think of your business/brand?
  • Do they have a social responsibility strategy?
  • Are there joint opportunities to work together to build closer working relationship and create awareness and raise profile to a wider audience by ‘doing good’?

STEP THREE – Create a plan

  • How can a strategic social responsibility strategy benefit you and your company, to encourage growth, embed these values into your wider business practices and meet short and long term goals to satisfy the board, staff, clients and ALL stakeholders.
  • How can you enhance your current practices to gain more from what you are currently doing
  • How can you identify gaps and consider other activities to achieve your aims
  • How are you communicating your values and ethics internally and externally
  • How can you create a stronger USP for your brand/business through community engagement and good environmental practise
  • Identify potential risks
  • Identify ownership – must drive from the bottom up to ensure engagement
  • Review environmental practices

Review on a quarterly basis.

For more information please contact Claire Thayers at the Chamber.

The support and networking opportunities that the Chamber offered to me as director of a new business really appealed. The board and members I spoke to seemed really interested in my business.

Alastair James Roberts ACII
Alastair James Insurance Brokers


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