CSR, Member & Ambassador Executive

Claire Thayers

Passionate about Cheltenham, Claire loves working with the Chamber, and continues to raise awareness about the need to collaborate and work together. If we can shine a light on the town, and encourage people to shop here, eat here and stay here, the local economy improves, which is good for everyone in the community!

Her other passion is social responsibility and she works closely with Michael Ratcliffe via the Association of Gloucestershire Chambers to support not only Cheltenham but other towns across Gloucestershire

Having lived and worked in Cornwall for 17 years, and working as a freelance consultant with Visit Cornwall and Cornwall Chamber she has learnt a lot and is desperate to share…

When she is not working, she has a hectic social life, writes for Cotswold Style magazine and still finds time to entertain! Nothing better than cooking and share a meal and a bottle (or two) of fizz