Can the energy crisis be a springboard for positive change?

For some time, the Chamber has encouraged businesses to take carbon reduction seriously and sign up to the Cheltenham Zero pledge.

Quite a few members have already done so, but if helping the planet were not reason enough, then the dramatic rise in energy costs we all face should focus the mind even more.

And with more and more people wanting to work for companies with strong values, a green agenda is increasingly important in the difficult business of attracting talent.

While it is concerned primarily with larger firms, there may be lessons for us all in this McKinsey Article  It argues there are reasons to believe that taking bold actions now could protect margins now and make companies cleaner, stronger and more profitable in future.

For examples of local firms putting this thinking into practice then check out Spirax Sarco’s approach here or Commercial’s here

If, like many businesses, you want to make sustainability a positive part of your value proposition, there are some useful hints on using it in your marketing strategy and avoiding the pitfalls of “greenwashing.” here  (Unfortunately, you have to sign up to the mail list to read it, but you can always unsubscribe).

We recently hosted a workshop on the latest practices with a number of senior procurement managers. This highlighted that a strong stance on sustainability is increasingly a “must have” to get considered for many tenders but is also an area where smaller firms can compete more effectively, because price and scale are no longer the only considerations. We aim to expand on this topic at an  event soon.

Find out more about Cheltenham Zero and sign up today here

A number of members may also be able to help you deliver a more sustainable future including:

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