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Learning Foundation & Digital Poverty Alliance

LEARNING FOUNDATION:  For more than 20 years we have been providing independent advice and guidance to schools on the best way to introduce 1:1 technology, where every child has their own device to use in class and at home.

Our vision is to enable all schools and students to engage with technology in a safe and secure way that genuinely enables them to enhance their teaching and learning and to impact on the appalling divide that has long stricken the UK where still too many children and young people are leaving school without their ambitions, dreams, abilities and potential being fully realised or realisable.

Launched as a registered charity in 2001, our aim is to ensure all children have access at home and at school to exciting learning resources so that they may fulfil their potential and overcome disadvantage. We achieve this by working in partnership with schools, parents, charities and businesses.

We know that children achieve their potential when they feel engaged with learning. So we enable teachers and parents to inspire engagement through technology.

Our DIGITAL POVERTY ALLIANCE is an initiative to to end digital poverty in the UK. 

Our vision is: to live in a world which enables everyone to access the life changing benefits of digital access. 

Our Mission: is to end digital poverty once and for all. 

How we will do this: by convening, compelling and inspiring collaboration for the UK and global community to lead sustainable action against digital poverty in all its forms. 


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The Foundation provides advice and expertise to schools about all aspects of introducing technology on a 1:1 pupil ratio.

Campaigning to raise the profile of 1:1 device supply and learning in all schools.

The Learning Foundation provides a unique funding support service which we call the ‘Donation Management Service’ (DMS). As a registered charity we are able to not only help manage your parental contributions but, because they are donations, we are also able to apply Gift Aid to the donations. This lifts qualifying contributions by as much as 25% and helps to cover the costs involved with administering the programme and in many cases can boost the sums available to your school to spend on the programme.

Commissioning research into technology and enhanced learning.
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