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At Move More, it is our vision for every child to be active. We want to instil a love of physical activity in all children so they develop a positive, life-long attitude to moving more.

We are experts in Physical Education, school sport and physical activity, with an established reputation of working in the sport and education sectors. We became an independent charity in 2017, allowing our work to become more community focused, alongside continuing to support schools across Gloucestershire - specifically in Cheltenham and Tewkesbury

We know the positive impact that sport and physical activity can have. We therefore adopt a holistic approach, which means that we use PE, school sport and physical activity to make a meaningful difference to children's physical and mental health, alongside their personal and social developments, to help them thrive in life.


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    Holiday Camps & participation
    We pride ourselves on offering a breadth of opportunities for every child. We engage children with different abilities, motivations and backgrounds, inclusive of those with specific needs, disabilities or sedentary behaviours. Through our festivals and competitions, extra-curricular provision and holiday camps we provide children with the opportunity to be active outside of the school environment. We also use our sport event management skills to run sports days or festivals for workplaces.

    Education & support
    Our qualified teachers and coaches provide professional development opportunities through conferences, teacher training, school inset days, team teaching and showcasing best practice; thus enabling professionals to feel confident delivering high quality physical activity, PE and school sport opportunities.

    Health & families
    We use physical activity to achieve wider health outcomes for children and their families. We work with individual children and small groups, to improve knowledge, understanding, motivation and confidence, helping them make healthier life choices. Our work with families supports parents and carers, giving advice, skills and opportunities to enhance physical activity, diet and wider areas such as sleep, screen time and mental wellbeing.


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