Shire Marketing Specialists, a leading digital marketing agency based in the Cotswolds, has been shortlisted for the Best Digital Start-Up award at the prestigious Startup Awards. The Startup Awards are recognised as one of the most prestigious accolades for start-ups across the United Kingdom, and being shortlisted for this award is a significant achievement for Shire Marketing Specialists.

The award recognises outstanding achievement by a digital start-up in the South West, with a focus on innovation, growth potential, and entrepreneurial spirit. Shire Marketing Specialists has demonstrated exceptional expertise in digital marketing, helping local businesses grow and succeed through a range of digital marketing services, including search engine optimisation, social media management, and paid advertising campaigns.

“We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Best Digital Start-Up award at the Startup Awards,” said Josh Collins, director of Shire Marketing Specialists. “Our team has worked hard to establish ourselves as a leading digital marketing agency in the Cotswolds, and this recognition is a testament to our hard work and dedication.”

The Startup Awards are judged by a panel of industry experts, with winners set to be announced in June. Shire Marketing Specialists is up against stiff competition, but the agency’s innovative approach to digital marketing and its commitment to providing exceptional service to clients make it a strong contender for the award.

“We are incredibly proud to have been shortlisted for this award,” said Josh. “We are passionate about helping local businesses achieve their goals through effective digital marketing, and being recognised by the Startup Awards is a fantastic endorsement of the work we do.”

Shire Marketing Specialists has built a reputation for providing high-quality digital marketing services to businesses across the whole of the country, and this recognition at the Startup Awards is a testament to the agency’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of its work.

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