Rotary Club need Sponsors – ‘Mile of Coins’ to Eliminate Polio

Mile of Coins Charity Event

Cheltenham Rotary are looking for companies, big or small, to sponsor this campaign. Sponsorship starts at just £200 and in return your company will appear on thousands of coin strips and we’ll feature you on our website and give you an active link to your website.

I can be contacted on 01242 577554 or 07565 624574 or by email (See the contact page on our website:

The website for this project is: Please look at the poster below or check out the details on the website

Background: 100 Years of Rotary in Cheltenham

To mark the centenary of service to the local community by Rotary, three Cheltenham clubs, Rotary Club of Cheltenham (established in 1921), Rotary Club of Cheltenham North (established in 1972} and Cheltenham Cleeve Vale Rotary Club (established in 1980) intend to create a Mile of Coins in Montpellier Gardens on Saturday, 28th May, 2022.

5280 foot-long card strips, each bearing coins totalling £5, will be laid end-to-end.  Success will mean that £25,000 will have been raised in support of the final stage of the worldwide eradication of Poliomyelitis.

Rotary International has been spearheading the fight against poliomyelitis since 1985 by financially supporting the vaccination of children across the globe. Rotary has contributed more than £1.6 billion to the cost of vaccines, the cold supply chain and distribution.  From 1000 new cases somewhere in the world each day in 1985, 2021 saw only 5 cases all year!  If repeated vaccination of children can be maintained over the next 2-3 years we could be making history and celebrating the elimination of only the second worldwide scourge, after smallpox. Rotary is committed to funding the programme to the very end.

We will distribute the card strips to schools, societies, organisations and the general public seeking their support in encouraging children, their families and others to attach coins.  Alternatively, a donation of £5 will purchase a foot long strip of pre-printed coins labelled with the donor’s name and organisation.

Additionally, we seek the support of sponsors to help meet the costs of printing the strips.  A donation of between £300 and £600 will have the firm’s logo on 6000 printed strips and leaflets going into many homes.  A Main Donor donation of £1000 would have prominence in all of our promotional material and websites.

Further details about poliomyelitis and the Mile of Coins event can be found on

We are most grateful for your interest in the project and ask that you PUT YOUR FOOT IN IT and BOOT OUT POLIO by contributing generously.  Many thanks.


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