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Cheltenham International Film Festival 2021

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Would you like to associate your company with significant exposure and coverage, reaching audiences in and around Cheltenham, throughout the South West and across the UK? Cheltenham International Film Festival is looking for sponsors…

Launched in 2019, Cheltenham International Film Festival is global in scope and local in focus, screening the best of independent film from around the world, providing a platform to a new generation of emerging filmmakers.

For the first time, this year’s Festival will be split into two parts. Part I, 24th May – 5th June will be streamed online, featuring UK premieres, Oscar-nominated films, (including The Father), and interviews with celebrated actors and filmmakers, such as Stephen Frears. Part II takes place in October and will be live, with a focus on Black History Month.

Part II comprises of film screenings, masterclasses, and workshops taken by respected filmmakers, including leading figures from the black community working in film. We are currently in discussion with a renowned black artist to deliver the Festival’s first annual lecture surrounding diversity in the film industry. Other guests will include filmmakers, Oscar-winning and nominated directors, actors, and screenwriters.

Running alongside the main Festival, and new, Cheltenham Youth International Film Festival seeks to inspire young people to engage with cinema and the art of filmmaking. Delivered through an educational programme of workshops, film screenings, student fairs (to learn more about further education in film studies), and career days, whereby students of film can meet with film professionals to better understand the path into the film industry.

The education programme of workshops is branded ‘Film Lab21’ and will be rolled out into the community four times a year, with a focus on young people. We are working with initiatives such as No Child Left Behind and Lives of Colour, to make sure we are totally inclusive of all young people in the community.

With acknowledgement and special thanks to our generous sponsors – Wiggin, Spirax Sarco, M R Ratcliffe Consultants, Harper Sheldon, Cheltenham Borough Council, Manor By The Lake, The Cheltenham Trust, Cheltenham Film Society, At The Flicks, and The British Film Institute.

To find out more, and to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Dorian Ursell (Sponsorship/Funding Manager)

(m): 07808 477499

(e): dorian@9320.co.uk

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