We’re Looking for a Home for The Mayflower Restaurant’s Donated Public Hearts Defibrillator

(Above: The Mayflower’s Chun Kong and Tidal Training’s Clare Seed)

As part of the celebrations for The Mayflower Restaurant to mark Chun Kong’s 40th year anniversary running this fantastic business – Chun and his Family have very generously purchased a defibrillator to benefit the local community.

In the spirit of Public Hearts as a community campaign, we would like your nominations of where this defibrillator could be housed. This defibrillator will be sited in an external cabinet, making it 24-hour public access to benefit the local community.

A defibrillator is a lifesaving and life-changing piece of equipment, safely delivering a shock in the event of a cardiac arrest. Out of hospital, cardiac arrest survival rates range between 3 and 7% so this piece of equipment is vital.

We welcome nominations and suggestions from the business and wider community, particularly parties who own buildings and can make a decision to place this on their private property. Naturally, a location accessible to many is always beneficial.

We look forward to hearing from you and please get in touch with any queries on 01242 371 999.


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