Some of the Chamber’s work, “behind the scenes”

While you may think of the Chamber mainly for our events and newsletter, you might like to know about some of the work we do behind the scenes to help shape Cheltenham’s commercial future

We focus on:

  • Regular policy dialogue with the Local and Borough Councils, the LEP and our MP
  • Ensuring local developments, like Golden Valley Cyber Central, deliver the best possible outcomes for local business
  • Together Gloucestershire – an initiative to encourage more local procurement with an emphasis on CSR and carbon reduction
  • Our Large Enterprise Action Group (LEAG). This aims to facilitate skills development through training, apprenticeships and liaison between businesses and education
  • Promoting wellbeing, mental health and diversity at work

A few key points from recent meetings.

The Borough Council’s Plans

The Council updated our Board on its strategy in February and their CEO, Gareth Edmondson, addressed the AGM.

The Chamber supports their priorities of making Cheltenham the UK’s cyber capital, committing to Net Zero carbon, creating more affordable homes, growth & prosperity and making CBC financially sustainable. There is a link for more on this below.

We also understand the challenges of Government funding arrangements, cost increases on key services and having to co-ordinate with so many other bodies – for example, Gloucestershire County Council, who are responsible for our roads and pavements.

However, we will continue to hold the Council to account on behalf of the business community.

We will endeavour to put a strong case to GCC for urgent action on the parlous state of our roads and pavements.

Golden Valley Development

The Council and the Golden Valley Developers have assured us that local business should benefit from the supply chain opportunities and that the site will not feel detached from the town’s centre. We hosted an event for Members on this topic recently and we will continue to keep you up to date. Our goal is to help open and maintain clear channels of communication as the project unfolds.

Together Gloucestershire – Supporting Local Procurement

This project was set up by our CSR Executive, Claire Thayers, in partnership with Cirencester Chamber and the Federation of Small Businesses. At the GBS, she explained that after several meetings with the Heads of Procurement from some of our largest local firms and public bodies, the team are working on a specific “Charter.” The idea is that this will effectively “tick the boxes” for some basic information and compliance with the Social Value Act and CSR policies. The result would be much less form filling for large tenders, saving time and encouraging more smaller firms to take part.

We hope this has given you just a flavour of some of our team’s work on your behalf. If you have any suggestions, questions or issues, please let us know


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