Cheltenham Medal of Honour

Did you know that there is a way of acknowledging the work that our local heroes do – on a completely voluntary and unpaid basis – that adds so much to the lives of all ages, backgrounds and interests?

Cheltenham Chamber members have been at the forefront in recognising the part that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has to play in both business and our wellbeing – not least because of the presence of Claire Thayers as a really knowledgeable and active advocate for CSR.

The Chamber’s November event at the Holiday Inn Express is a repeat of last year’s very successful evening designed to bring together businesses and charitable organisations and this should also highlight the number of people who are the unsung heroes in our town. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to think about making a nomination for the Medal of Honour to show our appreciation?

The award was instigated at the suggestion of the late Sir Charles Irving and the medal recognises the worthwhile voluntary contribution that some of the borough’s local residents have made to their communities.

The valuable voluntary contribution made to their communities by many people means that each year a judgement has to be made as to who receives the award.  The re-submission of nominations that meet the criteria is welcomed.  The period of contribution to the local community should not be less than 10 years’ of continuous service.

The nominations are considered by an independent panel and all information is treated on a confidential basis.  The award is presented during the Inauguration of the Mayor ceremony in May.  The Chamber is represented on the Awards’ Committee by Past President, Catriona Murray.

Michael Ratcliffe MBE and CEO of the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce is a past winner and in May this year the recipient was Les Bonney, for his 20 years of unstinting work for St Vincent’s and St George’s Association.  Catriona gave the citation and awarded the medal and scroll at the Mayor Making in May 2022.

The nomination form is on the CBC website:



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