Harry Richards was a former President of the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce from 2000 to 2001.  Under Harry’s enthusiastic stewardship, and able assistance from Ron Brotherhood, the Chamber took on a new lease of life and activity with membership swelling by some hundred percent.

With Harry’s senior commercial background working for NatWest Bank, not only did the Chamber enjoy a well-connected and diverse milieu, but many business owners attributed their sustained success to Harry’s support and advice.

Harry and his wife Diane were staunch advocates of Cheltenham, and chose to stay here despite exotic job offers based in foreign climes.  They were a formidable team and were well known for their social gatherings, especially their garden parties, where Harry and Diane excelled at getting people together and forming enduring relationships.

Harry was the sort of person where his reputation preceded him in a very good way.  He was a great influencer in Cheltenham and had many irons in many pies – Chair of Pates Foundation, Financial Director for Glos Cat and the setting up of The Richards Family Bursary to train nurses in the County, to name but a few.  Once, when invited to take up an important position, he humorously responded “I can’t afford my wife’s dresses!”

He was dependable, loyal, trustworthy and acted with integrity.  Taking these attributes with him into his retirement, he continued his genuine interest in people and the projects they were involved with – if Harry could help, he would!

Harry Richards left an indelible mark on Cheltenham and in particularly the business community of the Town, which he fervently supported until his last day with us at the grand age of 84.

If you wish to further remember and celebrate Harry’s life, please follow this link https://harryrichards.muchloved.com/  to the Much Loved Harry Richards Tribute Page.



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