Boots Corner Trial Closure – Now Reversed

Update 20th December 2019:

The county council’s cabinet unanimously voted to reopen the route through Boots Corner after it has been closed to traffic since June 2018. This overruled the Cheltenham Borough Council. The Boots Corner route is now open to all traffic.



The closure of Boots corner has polarised professional and personal opinions in Cheltenham, to the extent that it has gained national coverage. The scheme’s designers stated their core goals are to put people before cars, boost retail engagement and reduce central air pollution.

As a member organisation, we have spoken to member businesses for and against the trial closure of Boots Corner. Although, we are concerned about the affects to several of our localised members. The situation has not been helped by lack of alternative transport routes through the town.

Please keep making your voices heard, for or against.

What is happening under the trial?

  • The trial closure affects the section of Clarence Street through ‘Boots Corner’, North Street, Clarence Parade and Pittville Street through to Imperial Circus
  • General traffic is not allowed in this zone at any time under the trial closure
  • Buses, bicyles, taxis and private hire vehicles are still allowed to use this route through town
  • loading and unloading is allowed between 6pm and 10am.

After an initial review in January 2018, some changes were made to the trial. The start of the trial area moved to a point in Clarence Street between Post Office Lane and Imperial Circus. Clarence Parade and the western end of Clarence Street will be opened to all vehicles with two way traffic flow.

Key dates for the trial

  • 4 June 2018 – Information signs announcing closure at key point around Cheltenham
  • 28 June – trial closure came into effect
  • July to November – monitoring of the trial, feedback welcomed from residents and visitors
  • December 2018/January 2019 – review of the trial and recommendation on whether it should continue
  • December 2019 – latest date on which the trial can end (and be made permanent, changed or abandoned)

Full information about the scheme can be found on the Cheltenham Borough Council Website.


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