Improvements to High Street Pedestrianised Zones

The Chamber has campaigned, alongside Cheltenham BID, for desperately needed improvements to the pedestrianised area at the East end of High Street.

Our joint appeal to both Cheltenham Borough Council and Gloucestershire County Council led to a major upgrade of the area between Cambray Place and Rodney Road last year.

However, this left both The Strand – an important gateway to the town centre – and Cambray Place untouched.

Further representations have led to the two councils committing to spending £1.8 million to upgrading the two streets.

The lobbying has been crucial in the work getting this far and it is anticipated that Phase 2 of the project will be completed in the first half of next year.

The video below was shot in 2017 whilst construction of the new John Lewis store was well underway in Cheltenham. Improvements are needed to Cheltenham High Street. Chamber Planning Executive Rob Duncan and Cheltenham BID Director Kevan Blackadder discuss what needs to be done.


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