A Birthday Celebration to Remember for the NHS!

Cheltenham General Hospital and Gloucester Royal Hospital – Projection Mapping for the NHS Birthday from Evenlode Films and Productions on Vimeo.

The Evenlode Films and Productions Team recently produced five events in the County to celebrate the 72nd Birthday of the NHS.  We had two imposing architectural projection-mapping animations; one onto the Cheltenham General Hospital and the other onto the Gloucester Royal Hospital.  Around the County, we had 3 beautiful Light displays on healthcare buildings at Charlton Lane, Twekesbury Hospital and the Acorn Centre, including LED Screens displaying the animation content from the projections earlier in the week.  This all culminated in the ‘CLAP OF CLAPS’ at Gloucester Royal Hospital on Sunday 5th July, where, at the change of shift, we interviewed health care professionals on stage as they left the hospital telling us why they loved the NHS.  This was live streamed around the UK and was reported on the ITV news, BBC Points West and BBC Radio Gloucestershire. In just one week, our hardworking team managed to produce all of this creative content and deliver all of the events.

We are proud of our NHS and we are proud of our team.  The animations were totally original and uniquely mapped to the architectural features of the Hospitals.  We’ve projected 3 Animations and Films onto the Gloucester Royal Hospital this year, but this was a first for the Cheltenham General.  We individually transformed the hospitals with scenes that you would expect to see at a Birthday celebration. Before our eyes, each building was magically transformed from one scene to another using candles, hearts, buntin…with interplay of NHS saying. “happy birthday to our NHS”.

We are trusted providers for creative content, video, animation, live event productions and architectural projection mapping events for the NHS.  Find out more about some of the work we do  https://www.evenlodefilms.com/nhs-evenlode-films.



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