“Business Revival – in Gloucestershire” Podcast


“Business Revival – In Gloucestershire” will address the catastrophic impact on many of the county’s businesses of Covid-19 and the lockdown. How are they surviving and what are their plans to emerge intact and fighting fit?

Serena Gay of Made4U Podcasts in Cheltenham came up with the idea to help business people learn from different survival strategies during this strange and profoundly challenging time.

You’ll be able to find links to the podcast through Made4U Podcast’s website and from Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google and a whole host of podcast directories.

Made4U Podcasts works with local companies to launch and operate their own podcasts but is producing this one as a useful resource to the county’s business people. “Business Revival will feature interviews with a cross-section of local companies and expert commentary from business guru Gill Smith of the Business Kitchen.

If you’d like to be interviewed on the podcast, please contact Serena on 07526 467470








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