#CheltNetworking group raises over £1200 in February 2023 doing #SquatsForMaggies

The #CheltNetworking group, which is run by Belinda Wilson, director of GlosJobs.co.uk and proud member of Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, joined forces with Maggie’s Cheltenham in February 2023 to raise funds and get stronger.

Eight of the group set about raising sponsorship for the College Baths Road charity by doing 100 squats per day. Egged on by each other and the every growing total, they managed to do 22,400 squats. In getting to 2,800 for the month they all agreed to carry on for two more days to get to 3,000 squats.

The team have been doing the squats all over the place anywhere from at the Scarlet’s rugby in Llanelli, at a service station on the way to York, by Broadway tower and in Rotary and networking meetings, not to mention the various props that have been used. Of course there have been kettle bells and the like in circuits classes, but they also tried using a cat and various dogs, including a 28 kilo Malamute husky. Yes there is photographic evidence of these too!

The team met on the 28th February to do a final team squat and to receive their medals from Maggie’s Cheltenham.

A quote from Lizzie George’s Facebook page: “We have squatted our hearts out over the last month, fundraised for Maggie’s, raised awareness of the centre, made lasting friendships and had fun – already planning for 2024… join us?! ”

If you would like to still sponsor them please go to www.glos.info/squats.

If you would like to join in #squatsformaggies next February, when we are planning something much bigger, please let Belinda know on office@glos.info.

Photo: Natalie Alsop, Belinda Wilson, Betsy Benn, Scarlett Harris, Ela Antosiewicz (Fundraiser at Maggie’s Cheltenham) Janie Whittemore, Lizzie George and photo within the photo Abigail Keys Heley.

(Note – I have other fun photos that I can submit if you would like more? Belinda)


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