Cyber Made Human Ep 3: Children’s Online Safety, AI Considerations and Ethics with Adam Bolas – Alice Violet Creative

In Episode 3 of Cyber Made Human, Alice Violet Creative sit down with the founder of ⁠Digital Woof ⁠and ⁠INSINTO ⁠Adam Bolas⁠.

We examine critical yet often overlooked aspects of cybersecurity and AI through a lens of child safety.  We discuss what those lengthy ⁠terms and conditions ⁠in apps mean for your data privacy and intellectual property, especially when interacting with AI platforms like GPT.

We also address the risks children face when using location-sharing apps like Snapchat. Finally, we touch on AI’s challenges with bias, verifying information, bot accounts and disinformation. 

This episode is excellent for parents, and anyone wanting a clearer understanding of the complexities involved in the cybersecurity landscape.

Your feedback matters!

As we’re still a new show, any ⁠feedback is always welcome⁠; our motivation for the show is to make cybersecurity accessible and show what a fascinating field it is; let us know if we are hitting the mark.

About your host: ⁠

Alice Violet⁠ is a ⁠Strategic Content Marketer⁠ who understands how to communicate cyber and tech in a way that converts. In a world brimming with data and distractions, simplicity is your standout. Alice make your brand’s voice heard, understood, and remembered. Your audience wants clarity, not complexity. Alice Violet Creative offer end-to-end podcasting services, including multi-video plus photography and lots more.

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