From Comedian to Communicator – Free For Three, Coaching Opportunity

Local Comedian & Magician, Tom Elliott, seeks three business owners / entrepreneurs to take up a free coaching session, where you’ll be applying the skills of the performing arts to your context, for the purpose of more effective, memorable and creative, upfront communication.

This is in anticipation of his new coaching platform, ‘From Comedian to Communicator’, due to launch later this year. (Watch his videos within the 31 Days of Learning – January)

Having performed across the UK, in contexts ranging from the comedy club to the theatre, Tom has faced the difficult crowds, disruptions, and nightmare venues.

Yet he’s also transferred the arts based skills for business purposes – He’s successfully led multiple crowdfunding campaigns, pitched his projects to clients and gained investment for a developing project.

Tom says, ‘Whether you are growing a business, seeking a promotion, leading a team or preparing for a conference speech or ted talk, your upfront communication skills really do matter.’

Tom continues, ‘Nothing sharpens your communication skills more, than becoming a comedian. Comedy brings together polar opposites in every form;

Confidence and vulnerability…

Detail and yet concise punchlines…

Ownership of the stage, but inclusive of audience engagement’

Yet the good news is – there’s no need for you to take up comedy. (Unless you are brave enough!)

In this limited opportunity, Tom will spend time with you, extracting all the skills you need, to ensure that your next upfront presentation is memorable, creative and most of all, delivered with the confidence it deserves.

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