Introducing “Cyber Made Human”: A Podcast That Makes Cybersecurity Relatable

The World Needs to Understand Cybersecurity, and We’re Here to Help

In a time when our lives are increasingly digital, understanding cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Yet, the world of cybersecurity is often positioned as some jargon-filled, complex world that’s for someone else to think about.

That’s what motivated us to create our podcast, “Cyber Made Human,” aimed at breaking down these barriers and making cybersecurity accessible to everyone. I host the show and I come from a creative background and was surprised to find how much I love this industry since joining five years ago.

Why “Cyber Made Human”?
The name says it all. We believe that at the heart of cybersecurity are people: those who protect us and those who pose threats. We often hear the biggest vulnerability in cyber is human, so let’s make it accessible to everyone.

Episode 1: From Boredom to Cyber Fame: The Making of ‘Email Prankster’ James Linton
To kick things off, we couldn’t think of a better guest than James Linton, a former web designer turned cybersecurity prankster. James shares his journey from a mundane day job and a frustrating experience with Barclays Bank to phishing high-profile figures like Harvey Weinstein and the Trump Administration.

What we cover:
James Linton’s Transformation: How did a former web designer become a cybersecurity sensation?

Social Engineering: What is it, and why is it crucial to understand?

Political Motivations in Hacking: Is every hacker out to steal your credit card information, or is there more to the story?

Neurodiversity in Tech: How can different cognitive approaches benefit the tech industry?

Future of Cybersecurity: What should we be prepared for?

How to Listen
The episode is now live and can be watched or listened to on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, and Google podcasts.

Sponsorship Opportunities
If you’re interested in being a sponsor for future episodes, please reach out to us at

Help us launch!
This show launched on the 1st of September, so any promotion and shares on social media or newsletters are appreciated!


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