IT Schools Africa Launches New Local Digital Learning Initiative

TECH Connect is a new digital learning centre in Cheltenham, run by IT Schools Africa as part of its vision to facilitate improved opportunities for education and employment via e-Learning technology.  One of the charity’s 2021 goals is to increase the number of people gaining access to digital skills and services.  TECH Connect supports individuals or groups in Gloucestershire that want to learn and improve their confidence using a computer or mobile device.

TECH Connect offers sessions in an informal and relaxed environment for people of all ages to build their confidence and learn at their own pace.  The Centre offers a wide range of topics on all things digital: whether you want to get more out of your computer or tablet, learn Microsoft Office, feel confident using email and messaging services or just using the Internet and understanding how to be online secure – we can help you.  We also run sessions to help people access online services, whether it’s managing their health online, using government services or writing a CV and creating a professional profile for employment.

In addition, the Centre plans to open a ‘tech zone’ to provide access to different types of digital technology, so members of the community can experience using a 3-D printer, CNC machine and explore the intricacies of working with Raspberry Pi.

The Centre is currently open for sessions three times a week; Tuesday mornings and afternoons, Fridays and Saturday mornings. However, we are flexible and may be able to offer alternative times.

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