LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Help you in 2020

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You have been on LinkedIn for some time. You have accumulated hundreds if not thousands of Linkedin 1st degree connections, yet, it can feel like this is not doing anything for you.  When you actually look at your LinkedIn connections you feel they are just a jumble of professionals from all over the planet, some ex co-workers, and quite a few are not relevant to your business. Here are our top 5 tips for 2020 to drive those LinkedIn connections into profitable business contacts.

Tip 1 – Use LinkedIn Live

Linkedin live has now launched and we should all be taking advantage of it.  This is LinkedIn’s version of Facebook or Instagram Live and will allow users to broadcast live video to their network and company pages to broadcast to their followers.  Using this will give greater visibility in the search engines.  The only drawback is you have to apply to take part as not everyone can be part of the pilot program, but you can apply to be a part of the pilot program.  If you are lucky enough to be accepted make sure you make this most of this by live streaming to other platforms at once.

TIP 2 – Content

Make sure you are publishing content on LinkedIn.  Text-based content works really well on the LinkedIn platform and will significantly increase your reach.  The easiest way to do this is if you already have blogs on your website simply paste and copy these into LinkedIn Articles.  Those with text links back to your website don’t do as well as those without any posts.  This will allow you to position yourself as a thought leader in your relevant industry.  Remember your content is your brand.

TIP 3 – Use Tags

Tags can split into two features here.  Tags for connections and #tags

Tags for sorting clients: If you have LinkedIn premium you can sort your contacts in LinkedIn by using tags. Once you have done this you can sort these clients by the tag filter you have added them into. You can then use a tool called LinMailPro which will allow you to contact these clients directly and quickly all at once.

Hashtags – These are a really simple way to increase your following on LinkedIn.  Knowing which ones to use can be a little tricky.  Try using Instafollowers Hashtag Generator tool to view search results of the hashtags.

TIP 4 – Partner Up

We would suggest building channel partners.  These would be people in the same space as you but where you have different skills.  An example of this would be a marketing agency teaming with business coaches as they have the same common goal.  If you can build a few of these partnerships you will extend the reach of your target audience and be introduced to the right type of contacts.  These contacts can like or share your articles and extend the reach, you could joint post and promote each other.  Our suggestion would be to create a WhatsApp group and tell those in your group when you have posted.  Want to join ours?

TIP 5 – Move the Conversation On

One of the biggest problems we find when people say that they are not having any luck with their social media marketing is that they area leaving the conversations they are having in social media.  To get your clients off LinkedIn onto your own digital platform you not only have to engage on a personal level but offer something of interest.  By bringing them onto the website you can use IP tracking technology to help identify the user, what areas of your business they are interested in and start to onboard them into your sales funnel.  Download our free guide on how to build a sales funnel.



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