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The art of the possible: navigating the risks

Running a business can be fraught. Robust business plans, stringent financial reporting, keeping your customers happy and retaining good staff and suppliers are some of the more obvious ‘must haves’ in a thriving business. In themselves these can keep many pairs of hands busy but that diverts time away from addressing the less obvious but no less important issue of risk management.

To help with this, Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCR), in partnership with global security consultancy Blacksmiths Group, have created Risk Identifier; a free online tool which will help you  to understand what threats your business faces, using a series of questions carefully targeted to bring out the issues which really count by focusing on three main categories: people, data and technology.

If Risk Identifier  alerts you to problems you need to address, because it is backed up by industry-leading expertise, it gives you access to a full range of commercial, legal, insurance and security services, including people with experience at strategic level national security.

Clare Murphy, a partner at HCR, says: “Stopping to find the warning signs, let alone read them and react, can present a real challenge when you’re putting everything into growing your business. More often than not, management will either not identify something as an issue or will have a rough idea there is a problem there but will struggle to give it a shape or address it.

“Sometimes that is down to lack of time, but it can simply be hard to know where to startRisk Identifier is designed to make the first step in that process quick and achievable and to signpost next steps, leaving you to take things forward at a pace to suit you”.

From insurance, supply chains, employees or regulatory compliance, through to cyber security, intellectual property, fraud or international trade and sanctions, there is a lot to consider. But with a good understanding of the issues that should really matter to you, you are in a strong position to move forwards from a position of knowledge and confidence.

Please use this link to try Risk Identifier for yourself.

Chamber member offer

HCR Law and Blacksmiths Group are offering a discount of 10% as against standard rates (until 31 December 2021) in respect of any instructions for risk management services (excluding corporate and regulatory investigations work) generated via the Risk Identifier web enquiry form, subject to a retainer for services being entered into.


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