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Your local air ambulance charity has launched an appeal to ensure they have the kit and equipment needed to save lives through winter.

The festive season is traditionally a time to enjoy celebrating with loved ones, friends and family, yet sadly many people across the region will be involved in medical incidents or traumatic events that will leave them fighting for their lives.

Two years ago, at Christmas time, twelve-year-old Logan had a headache, but it quickly turned into something much worse. Within a short space of time, he stopped breathing. Great Western Air Ambulance Charity’s (GWAAC) specialist crew went to help — they put Logan into an induced coma on his driveway and transported him to Bristol Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery on his brain.

Mum Sue said: “Thanks to everyone’s actions that day, Logan is alive and well, with no side effects due to the quick response of the paramedics and the specialist skills that only your air ambulance team could bring. I am so thankful to everyone who helped us that day.”

Years of training and experience help the GWAAC crew make quick decisions and carry out an array of procedures that save lives every day.

But it’s the kit and specialist equipment they have with them that can often mean the difference between life and death. It’s vital that they have the tools they need to carry out incredible and potentially lifesaving procedures.

“What we bring isn’t just skill and experience. We also bring kit. And it’s the confidence and familiarity of using that kit that means we can provide early treatment that turns into definitive care for the patient. This reduces the need for the patient to be transferred from one hospital to another because we can take them to the one that is best able to provide that care.”

Mark Kinsella, SPCC, GWAAC

It’s not particularly glamorous or impressive to look at, but the crew’s kit is vital, and it saves lives. It goes on every mission, 35 times a week to nearly 2,000 people each year. It gets battered and deteriorates and it costs to maintain and replace it.

That’s why GWAAC has launched an appeal this winter. The charity needs to raise vital funds to help its doctors and paramedics save more lives by giving them continued access to kit and equipment they need and use every day. Funds raised could turn into a blood transfusion, diagnose a critical medical issue or stabilise a patient to give them more time.

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting everybody hard, and it’s affecting GWAAC too. But your air ambulance won't stop trying. Funds raised right now will reassure the crew that they can continue giving someone their best chance of survival on their worst day. It will mean they have the tools they need to do their job, wherever and whenever, and whatever they’re needed for.

Every pound can support a crew member to deliver the urgent care they have trained so hard to give. Give what you can this winter and help make a difference to local lives. Please visit:

Thank you from GWAAC.


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