#WarmCheltenham has launched (a #FeedCheltenham project)

#Feedcheltenham, through its network of food pantries, supports 300 people a week. With 800 members using the food pantries each week, and this number growing, an enormous amount of support is needed. We know this number will increase dramatically through autumn and winter, as more and more people will struggle to pay their fuel bills to heat their houses and cook their food.

During the autumn we will all receive energy rebates. We are asking if you would please consider donating all or part of your energy rebate, should you not need it desperately, to #Feedcheltenham and we will make sure it gets to those who need urgent support with food and energy provision. This will be through our established network of food providers across Cheltenham, as well as future partners who choose to get on board with this vital need. Please use this link to donate:

#WarmCheltenham A #FeedCheltenham project – a crowdfunding project in Cheltenham by Family Space (crowdfunder.co.uk)

Together we will do all we can to ensure that the vital needs of the Cheltenham community for warmth and food are met.

How does it work? 

  • You – the generous Chamber Members and general public – donate all or part of your energy rebate monthly or as a one-off donation.
  • We buy pre-paid electricity vouchers for people on pre-payment meters.
  • Our organisation’s support workers help by paying bills of those using smart meters and paying through direct debits.
  • We distribute donations through charities and schools to people who we know are in need.
  • Some money will be used on purchases from food pantries so money can be saved to spend on fuel.

One local mum says, “I’m worried as to what will happen when winter sets in. I can’t afford to pay my bills now; I don’t want to think about what they will cost me in the winter.”

Another mum says, “We are literally down to nothing, I made use of everything we were given last week and budgeted tightly for the week, and we just about got through by using up tins yesterday and have nothing left at all not even to make a meal for today. The fridge and freezer are empty and my daughter has one nappy and Universal Credit won’t help as I owe money on my budgeting loan. I thought things were bad last week but they’re so much worse now. I can’t see how I can feed any of us at all.”

If you are a Cheltenham business, charity, school, church or other community group and want to get involved please contact feedcheltenham@familyspace.org.uk.


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