HCR Covid Update 21 August 2020: 11.58

As the ‘new normal’ is established and both businesses and individuals adapt to changing circumstances and new challenges, we offer practical insight into everything from your employment questions to how to manage your supplier contracts or negotiate new arrangements with tenants or landlords. You can find our advice and insights, covering both the effects of the pandemic and the issues to be tackled in the future, here [https://www.hcrlaw.com/blog/. Some of the issues are covered in these articles


  • Ask the Wills, Trusts and Estates Experts – Click here
  • Winding-up petitions in Covid-19 – navigating the new obstacles – Click here
  • Beyond Privacy Shield – the way ahead for data transfers – Click here
  • Employee monitoring software – snooping or careful management? – Click here
  • Brexit is behind us, but the real exit approaches. What should businesses do now? Click here 



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