Will you give work experience to someone with experience?

The 50:50 Challenge is an initiative that the Gloucestershire Employment and Skills Hub created to address the Government’s concern noting the high number of people aged over 50 who are not engaged in employment. Yet they can contribute hugely to solving skills shortages in all kinds of areas.

The Hub are looking to arrange 50 hours of work experience with 50 employers for people aged 50 and over across Gloucestershire. They are already well on their way to this target but there are still opportunities for employers to participate.

There is no commitment to offer paid work,  unless you wish to. Simply, make your pledge to participate and they will do the rest.

 But equally, it may be a creative answer to your recruitment issues.

If you have an opportunity to give an experienced person work experience, whether it’s administration, sales or marketing, operations, care or manual work, please get in touch and we will send you a (very short ) form.

Sign up for the 50:50 Challenge today. Simply email employers@gloucestershire.gov.uk



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