Gloucestershire Police and Crime Prevention Plan – Feedback Requested

Gloucestershire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner, Chris Nelson, has launched his fledgling Police and Crime Prevention Plan marking the start of a period of public consultation. He welcomes any feedback on these plans.

A Police & Crime Plan is a statutory requirement for Police and Crime Commissioners.  It sets the tone for policing and should  reflects issues that communities find important to them.  As the job title suggests, Police & Crime Commissioners also have responsibilities and interests beyond policing.

Chris Nelson added “This is why so you’ll also see that this document sets out a vision for wider partnership working across the county, taking my public health approach to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour that was a large focus of my campaign. 

 The plan sets out my strategic vision. The detailed activity associated with implementing the priorities will be developed in delivery plans which I have emphasised should include measurements of success, lead officers / agencies and milestones.  These will be completed once we have a final Plan in place.”

The Police & Crime Prevention Plan is available online and via PCC roadshows.  The dates of the remaining roadshows and links for booking are below

If any members would like to share feedback, please send this directly to


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