A wonderful way to end the Mayoral year

Earlier in May, the Cheltenham Mayor Making Ceremony at Cheltenham Town Hall saw former Mayor, Steve Harvey, hand over a cheque for £10,500 to committee members of the ‘Friends of Cheltenham Samaritans’.  The money was raised at a series of events held under the auspices of the Mayor’s Charity over the previous twelve months. This total, when added to other events that the Friends group has organised, meant that they raised over £18,000 for the local branch in the year.

The ‘Friends’ have been raising money for branch for over forty-three years and have evolved into a close-knit social group who just happen to raise money for charity.  The amount raised this year represents a significant contribution to the upkeep and running of the Cheltenham Branch which self-funds to cover all of its costs.

Chairman of the Friends, Leigh Norwood said:  “We are here for our community; this is the most we have raised in a year and a great achievement by our dedicated group”.

Leigh Norwood

Please look out for our future events.

If you would like to support events run by the Friends of Cheltenham Samaritans by offering sponsorship or becoming a volunteer, please contact leigh.norwood@favouritebeers.com


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