HCR Support Canadian Acquisition of Cheltenham Software Firm

HCR’s corporate team led by Tim Ward (above) has supported Cranham Haig, trading as CHL Software, from Cheltenham, in its acquisition by Pluribus Technologies Inc from Toronto.

The Cheltenham firm developed DocMoto, an app-based document and email management system for Mac and Windows, which will give Pluribus the chance to expand in the UK market as well as selling DocMoto more widely in North America.

Neil Cameron, CEO of CHL Software, said: ” Since launching our product in 2011 we have built a loyal customer base. We can now build on that by leveraging the greater market reach and technology base within Pluribus. Our goal is simple, to develop and hone our technology and services and substantially expand our revenues and customer base.

“Tim Ward and his team were a source of enormous support during a difficult and complex negotiation process. Tim and his team remained in complete control of every aspect of the deal, his advice was frequent, regular and re-assuring, including liaison with Canadian lawyers who also needed to be involved.”

DocMoto represents a clear break with the old-style solutions introduced almost 20 years ago on the first wave of the web revolution. It is a true multi-user application which is simple to use and delivers powerful business benefits including email management, content tagging, searching, sharing, and full revision control.

Harrison Clark Rickerbys has more than 800 staff and partners based at offices in Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Hereford, London, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Thames Valley, Worcester and the Wye Valley, providing a complete spectrum of legal services to both business and private clients regionally and nationwide.

The firm has a number of highly successful teams specialising in individual sectors, including health and social care, education, technology, agricultural and rural affairs, finance and financial services, defence, security and the forces, and construction.


To find out more please contact: Rachel Evans 07970 101451 revans@hcrlaw.com

Editors’ notes:

About Harrison Clark Rickerbys

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Award-winning firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys provides a complete spectrum of City-quality legal services to business and private clients across the South and West Midlands, Thames Valley and Wye Valley corridors, the southwest of England and in Wales.

The firm has grown through several mergers, both locally and with specialists, all answering client demand. It has more than 780 staff and partners operating out of offices in Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Hereford, London, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Thames Valley, Worcester and the Wye Valley, and a turnover of c£65m.

The firm has specialist expertise in health and social care; defence, security and the forces; finance and financial services; construction and engineering; education; technology, and agriculture and rural affairs.

Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ work in all aspects of law is nationally and internationally recognised. Clients’ comments about the quality of its work has led to the firm being listed in Tier 1 of the prestigious Legal 500 and Chamber and Partners directories of the major law firms in England and Wales.

For more details, visit www.hcrlaw.com

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