New private car hire firm in Tewkesbury

November saw the inauguration of All Seasons Cars, a private car hire company licensed by the Tewkesbury Borough Council. All Seasons is based loosely on the Uber model – no cash passes hands in the taxi but charges are taken by card or invoiced and processed via e mail.

The business wants to “be green” and has opted for all-electric and has started off with an 8 seater Citroen e-spacetourer meaning that the vehicle can carry up to seven passengers. Pricing is done on a strict mileage and time basis using Google maps as the main reference point and users can check their own charges if they want to. Full documentation showing how the charges are made is provided to each customer in advance. The mode of accounting avoids cars carrying cash and the consequential possibility of mugging, and it also means that customers have a completely transparent charging system which they can verify for themselves. No making it up as they go along!

Their vehicle is equipped with CCTV to help keep order and also assist in the fight against abuse of vulnerable individuals.

The company is particularly keen to encourage pub-goers to leave pubs in groups and avoid drinking and driving so late bookings are entirely possible. One vehicle taking 7 passengers to their respective homes can be quite an economical way of getting transport, especially at a time when it is often difficult to get it at all!

The business is a trading name of All Seasons Hotel Holdings Ltd and has been set up by chartered accountant Adrian Leopard who, after 50 years of accountancy practice, has decided it is time for a new career! Educated in Cheltenham, Adrian knows the area well and anticipates that much business could come from that direction, especially for trips to places like Birmingham Airport. Located one mile from the M50, the company is well placed to service the area.

All Seasons Cars is also VAT registered and will of course provide VAT invoices where required.

Asked why he has joined the Chamber of Commerce, Adrian comments that inter-action between local businesses is one of the best ways of helping to build a local economy. Adrian hopes that individuals and businesses alike will come to like his professional and sedate style of transportation and the respect he affords to his clients.


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