Planet Cheltenham Moves From Concept to Pilots

Vision 21 is a charity with a countywide remit, but at present, we are putting a great deal of emphasis on the work we do in Cheltenham and Planet Cheltenham is our latest brainchild. This newly formed initiative will both complement and run in parallel to CheltenhamZero, but it is aimed more at individuals, families and homes unlike CheltenhamZero, which is directed more towards organisations, However, there is a degree of overlap and enormous levels of synergy between them.

Planet Cheltenham is now moving out from its “concept” phase and into its “delivery” phase. It has already undertaken some successful pilot projects, e.g. establishing regular Climate Youth Group and a Parent and Toddler Group meetings.

We are pleased to announce that our efforts and Planet Cheltenham’s potential have been recognised to the extent that Vision 21 has just received seed funding of £4,910 via Transition Together who is distributing funding on the behalf of the National Lottery Community Fund, which we will use to create more pilot projects over the coming year.

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